Born in Sint-Martens-Latem (Ghent, Belgium) on 22 August 1947.


Free-lance journalist-columnist since 1966. Still regularly publishes a free satirical magazine “De Loatemsche Kleppe“.

Art criticism and consultancy

Became an art critic in 1974. Wrote a lot of biographical articles about both local and international painters and sculptors. Learned his métier from wellknown art critics as Frans Boenders, Marcel van Jole, Nicole Verschoore, Jan D’Haese, Mon de Voghelaere and Remi De Cnodder.
Was an art consultant for the Guy Pieters Galleries till 2008.

Publications on art

Author of “Verknocht aan het land in de Leiebocht“, a vulgarizing art book about the painters, sculptors, poets and musicians living in his home village between 1890 and 1990.

In 1998 his art book “Latemse Kunstenaars, vijfde generatie” was published, written at the request of the “Vereniging Latemse Kunstenaars”. It tells us more about the contemporary artists in Latem and Deurle (read extract(s)).

Poetry books

Published several poetry books: “Nostalgie & Groeipijn” (read extract(s)), “Word Volwassen Papa” (read extract(s)) and “Poëzie & Schuinschrijverij” (read extract(s)).

Featured in an anthology with some recent poetry of the members of “DE POËZIEKAMER”, titled “Op de Slapende Rivier” (read extract(s)), which was published in spring 2003.

His most recent poetry book is titled “De Luchtbel is eindelijk geknapt” (read extract(s)).

Other publications

Finished In November 2007 a photo book with historical notes, titled “Latem & Deurle“, which was published by Wever & Bergh.

Meanwhile a novel “Steeds Onderweg” is waiting for publication.
It’s part II of an autobiography.

Part I, “Ooit komt het Goed”, tells about his youth and his experiences as an employee in the Belgian administration. Published by Partizaan and
released December 1 2015…


Has been a member of the council in Sint-Martens-Latem from 2001 till 2013.